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We are a space for creatives to elevate their dreams.

We all know that good photos can elevate any platform, brand or business. Jess Henderson started photographing weddings and families over 11 years ago. She has loved photographing creatives and business owners in branding session, but always ran into the question.. where do you take the photos? A coffee shop, a store? Sure, but we need a blank canvas to create unique settings for unique dreams. After a decade in wedding photography, she's shifting her focus to help other creatives elevate their brand by opening Main Street Photo Company. Allowing other photographers to do expand their reach by renting the space hourly for their clients. 

Are you a blogger, author, chef, florist, photographer, seamstress, designer, counselor, actor, videographer, real estate agent, etc,? You can work directly with Jess to accomplish your goals to elevate your business. If you need new headshots, she's got you covered. If you need holiday content, she's got you covered. If you need a full branding session for your website, you've guessed it, she's got you covered.
Reach out to start planning your custom session.

Client sessions


Are you a photographer? Let's share this great space! You can bring your clients to Main Street Photo Company for just $50 an hour. You'll love the natural light pouring in from the front windows and you will have access to all the props at MSPC.

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